EHS compliant processes

Environment . Health . Safety
Environment, Health and Safety is one of the main criteria specially heeded to by our group in its services. With the management keenness to co-exist and concerns about climate change, we have initiated special measures to ensure that all the ‘three’ parameters are NOT compromised while serving the clients.

Dawar Al Qasimiah is committed to protecting the environment and controlling the usage of resources in transporting and related activities through continuous improvement of environmental protection areas. To achieve these goals, environmental management programs will comply with relevant environmental legislation rules and regulations prescribed by the legislative bodies. The environmental management systems will define objectives and targets for prevention and reduction of pollution in storage, transport and related processes to safeguard adverse impact on the environment.

Dawar Al Qasimiah is committed to protecting the environment. We have continued to advance our environmental and technology leadership role by proactively developing and implementing EHS compliant processes.

Dawar Al Qasimiah’s objective is to encourage and facilitate the open exchange of ideas and technology that will address the needs of our global environment today and in the future.